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— twitch partner, freelance illustrator

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BUST: 100 USD+   |   HALF: 170 USD+   |   FULLBODY: 230 USD+

Includes a simple background for free.

Extra props or characters can vary between 10-250 USD as an additional fee.

Additional background can vary between 20-500 USD depending on complexity.

Email me for questions and discussions about pricing. 


1 x EMOTE: 40 USD   |   5 x EMOTES: 190 USD

Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the emote.



Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the badge.


ICON: 50 USD+   |   FULL-BODY: 70 USD+

Includes a simple background for free.

Extra props or characters can vary between 5-60 USD as an additional fee.

Email me for questions and discussions about pricing.


general information

⊹ You are purchasing a digital file, not printed art.

⊹ You can not claim it as your own art, give credit where credit is due.

⊹ I still own the artwork, which means I can use it however I want. This means I might post it on social media or my portfolio, for example. Proper credit to you will, of course, be included.

⊹ You will receive a full resolution artwork of your commissioned piece and a small watermark will still be on it (emotes and badges will not have watermarks).

⊹ The commission is only for PERSONAL USE, unless we have discussed a fee for commercial use. Read more about commercial use in the next section. You are free to print or create any merchandise, as long as it is for yourself.

⊹ I can decline any commission, as well as cancelling a commission if the work affects me in a bad way.

⊹ You will receive a full refund if cancelled before the work has started. You will also receive a full refund if you cancel the commission before the work has started. If you cancel after the work has started, you will receive a partial refund depending on the amount of time spent on it. There are NO refunds on completed artworks.

⊹ I draw in my own style, if you want to request another art style then I am not the artist for you.

commercial use

⊹ If you desire to use the commission as a commercial piece, you need to discuss the pricing and specifics personally with me.

⊹ Be sure to add credit in the media you are using the commission in. For example: Youtube videos, streams or personal sites.

ordering, process & the payment

⊹ Send a completed form to the email address stated at the top. Include all the information asked for, otherwise you will get an email back to re-fill it. The email template can be found at the top as well.

⊹ Payment is through paypal, you will be sent an invoice. Payment is upfront and needs to be paid in full before I start on your commission.

⊹ After we have discussed price and the commission, I will tell you that the commission is accepted and the invoice is sent. If you do not pay within 72 hours of the invoice being sent out, your commission will be cancelled and you will be put on the waiting list again.

⊹ If you treat me badly or commission just to refund several times, I will blacklist you.

⊹ I do not work with strict deadlines, you can expect to receive it within two weeks but it can also take up to two months.

⊹ If you want your piece to have priority or a close deadline, you can pay a rush-fee.

⊹ I will inform you about the general time frame when I accept your commission, judging from my current workload. This might change, but I will keep you updated if the commission is delayed.

⊹ Do not rush me to finish your commission, I work when I have motivation and inspiration to do so.

⊹ You will receive the sketch to accept before I finish your artwork. If you wish to see WIPs while I finish it up, ask for it as I will not automatically provide that. Don't ask for too many, as it takes up my time while working on your commission as well.

changes to your commission

⊹ Once you receive the final piece, I can make small adjustments. This include changing colors, adding small details and other easy changes.

⊹ If you want other changes to your finished commission, you need to pay a fee. This fee depends on what you need changed. If the change is the result of an error on my part (like for example missing details you included in your order), the change will be free.

⊹ I will not redraw the entire piece unless you commission it as a new artwork, so make sure you are happy with the sketch and WIPs you receive.