kanda em

— twitch partner, freelance illustrator

are you available for commissioned work or brand collaborations?

Yes, and yes! I always have commissions open, but work with a waitlist. Contact me for current availability. For brand collaborations, send me an email and we'll discuss it!

can I buy your art?

Yes! If you're interested in art prints, you can find that here. I also have a redbubble for merch and you can commission personal art as well. If you want to support my art in general and support me in doing this full-time, you can take a look at my patreon!

where can I find you online?

You can find all my social links over here.

what tools to you use?

I draw on either my Ipad Air 2020 or my PC, using a Cintiq 16. I use both Procreate (on Ipad) and Photoshop CC. I use these brushes! I also recommend Kyle Webster's brush sets which can be accessed for free in Photoshop CC.

I use Airserver to stream my Ipad screen. The camera I'm using is Sony A6000 and the microphone is Blue Sona.

when did you start streaming?

I started streaming on Twitch in April 2020, mainly focusing on Animal Crossing. I got partnered in June 2020 and since then my channel has evolved into an art and variety games channel!

what did you do before full-time content creation?

I worked at a game company as a graphic artist, while also doing freelance on the side.

what is your preferred medium?

I almost exclusively draw digital.

did you go to art school?

No, I have not been to art school. I'm self-taught! I did attend Game Design and graphics for uni, which gave me a bachelor in game design. It mainly focused on design, game-creation, 3D modeling, etc.

how long have you been drawing?

I started drawing when I was 13 y/o. Since then, I've been drawing most of the time but have also taken long breaks from art here and there.

how long does it take to finish an illustration?

It really depends on what I'm drawing and what it contains, but an estimate would be 5-12 hours for a full piece.

can I use your art as profile picture or header?

Yes, just make sure to credit properly and clearly visible!

can I use your art as wallpaper?

Of course! If you want proper wallpaper-sizes specially designed for both PC and mobile layout, head to my patreon. I provide monthly wallpapers over there!

do you have any tutorials?

I post occasional tutorials on my patreon.